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Growing up in the Napa Valley, Manuel Rios started working in the vineyards at the young age of 10. In 1998, his extensive knowledge and passion for vineyards lead him to establish Rios Farming Company, LLC. His deep understanding of the time and care needed for fruitful vines has established the Rios name in vineyard care. Years of knowledge and practices have been applied to cultivate some of Wine Country’s biggest names and best wines.

Manuel Rios sows beyond the fields and into the land that has given opportunities and mastery in the wine industry. He demonstrates his devotion to the community by being an active member, and former president, of the Napa County Farm Bureau. He also serves as a board member of the Napa County Housing Committee and is a member of the Napa Valley Crime Stoppers.

He has a vast network with some of Wine Country’s biggest names. He enjoys partnering with all owners and clients to develop site plans and produce top-quality, premium wine grapes. He stands by the philosophy that the excellence and character of wines start with professional vineyard management care, and his years of experience serve as a testament to the quality provided.

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